The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 6 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

“Oldest rule of horror: No one runs from the house despite EVERY REASON TO RUN!” exclaimed u/CRL10. Fans couldn’t understand why Virgil was so dismissive of Connie’s pure terror after searching the house. Rather than leaving immediately and then asking for a written explanation, he lets an increasingly frazzled Connie struggle to express her concerns until it’s too late.

“Why the actual f*** is he waiting for her to write or carve into the wall,” asked u/L3sPau1. “She’s frantic. GTFO.” Others echoed this sentiment that, despite their communication barrier, the signs of fear are universally understood.

“If someone was hysterical after checking the house for threats, I’d just let them lead me out,” said u/Racing2F. However, not all fans agreed with the popular comments questioning Virgil’s reluctance to leave.

Some fans pointed out that Connie was dehydrated, sleep-deprived, and likely dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder after being trapped alone in the cave. “It’s more likely that she’s nuts than creepy hillbillies,” noted u/SeaBasil.

Which is fair — who would’ve expected a feral family running a house of horrors in the middle of nowhere, even on “The Walking Dead”?

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