Why Chicago Fire Fans Are Divided Over Brett And Casey’s Relationship

True, Brett and the chaplain’s relationship always seemed to be crafted as an obstacle to getting her together with Casey. Sadly, it was Casey who unwittingly encouraged Brett to accept Kyle’s marriage proposal at the end of Season 7, watching helplessly as his star-crossed love moved to Indiana with the chaplain. But she quickly broke off the relationship and moved back to Chicago the next season, setting the stage for “Brettsey” to finally happen. Still, while some fans are happy Brett and Casey are together at last, not all agree. In a Reddit thread headlined “Brett and the Chaplain,” Redditor u/AnnaNonna asked the seemingly simple question, “I really, really liked Brett with the [chaplain]. It’s too bad he moved to Indiana. If he had stayed in Chicago they might have had a chance. They were adorable together. Am I the only one who loved them as a couple?” 

The thread elicited a slew of responses. Among those who agreed, u/Actual-Flight-1500 wrote, “Honestly, I’m not a Casey fan. I think he can be a real d*ck! I liked the [chaplain], too!” And u/three18ti posted, “I didn’t love them as a couple, but I thought they were a much better match. Brett has no respect for Casey. … I think ultimately all of Brett’s relationships are horribly written. I think she’s toxic in her relationship with Casey. … I thought at least with the [chaplain] they were equally lost and could work things out and grow together.”

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