IATSE Leaders Urge “Now Is The Time” As Union Nears Strike-Authorization Vote – Deadline

IATSE president Matthew Loeb and the presidents 13 Hollywood locals, saying that “now is the time to change the culture of our work places,” issued a joint statement Tuesday urging members to authorize a nationwide strike against film and TV production companies.

The union leaders said that the strike-authorization vote, which will be held October 1-3, “will empower our negotiators to secure a fair deal.”

“We each have witnessed first-hand the physical and emotional suffering our members and their loved ones endure as a result of punishing and unrealistic schedules, and lack of rest or meal breaks,” they said. “We have repeatedly seen the economic impact of inadequate rates for members who do not make a living wage, and the discounted ‘New Media’ pay rates that subsidize mature and profitable streaming businesses.

Hollywood’s Covid Protocols To Expire Thursday, One Day Before IATSE Begins Strike-Authorization Vote

“Now is the time to change the culture of our work places. We fully support our members who demand safe and sane working conditions, equitable wages and sustainable health and pension benefits.

“Our responsibility to our members and generations to follow is to correct these untenable conditions. We endorse a ‘YES’ vote for the strike authorization that will empower our negotiators to secure a fair deal, knowing they can rely upon our strength and our unity, our trust in one another and our shared belief in a better future.”

The statement was signed “in solidarity” by Loeb and the presidents of the 13 West Coast studio locals who work under the union’s Basic Agreement:

John Lindley, International Cinematographers Guild Local 600
Alan Heim, Editors Guild Local 700
Nelson Coates, Art Directors Guild Local 800
Erin Hennessey, Prop Local 44
Julian Arnold, Sound Local 695
Julie Socash, Make-Up & Hair Stylists Guild Local 706
Brady Majors, Grips Local 80
Ariel Goodman Weston, Motion Picture Costumers Local 705
Crystal Hopkins, Script Supervisors & Production Coordinators Local 871
Salvador Perez, Costume Designers Guild Local 892
Alan Rowe, Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians Local 728
Dominick Cetani, Motion Picture Set Painters & Sign Writers Local 729
Monique Hernandez-Fisher, Studio Teachers Local 884

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