Meet, Marry, Murder Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Tubi’s new series should satisfy the appetites of true crime and investigation fans. “Meet, Marry, Murder” will exclusively focus on cases where people were murdered by their spouses and partners, whether in an impulsive moment or patiently planned out. Interviews with family and witnesses to the crimes will be featured to help flesh out why these partnerships ended in death and outright violence. According to Deadline, “Episodes focus on cases such as the murder of a woman by her estranged husband, the killing of a husband by his wife in a devastating car chase involving his mistress, and more devastating crimes.”

It sounds like a dark, entertaining docudrama series about how the old phrase “you always hurt the one you love” can become all too real for some couples. Viewers will get to judge for themselves what went so terribly wrong with each marriage when the first season of “Meet, Marry, Murder” premieres on October 6th.

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