Shows Like Squid Game That Survival Drama Fans Need To Watch

Our final suggestion for fans of “Squid Game” — check out the anime series “The Future Diary.” The series protagonist Yukiteru Amano (Misuzu Togashi) is a young loner who spends most of his time talking to his imaginary friends Deus Ex Machina (Norio Wakamoto) — the God of Time and Space — and his assistant, Murmur (Manami Honda), who are his only friends.

When Deus transforms Yukiteru’s cell phone into a Future Diary, Yukiteru realizes he can see 90 days into the future. Not only that, but Yukiteru learns that 11 other people have received Future Diaries, and are now part of a survival game that Deus created, where each player competes to become Deus’ successor and save the world from the apocalypse. And of course, to win the game — fitting with the general theme, here — you have to kill all the other competitors.

The intensity and brutality of the competitors in “The Future Diary” are similar to those in “Squid Game” who did whatever they had to do to survive. Consider watching “The Future Diary” if you’re in the mood for more fast-paced action with a hint of philosophical musings to keep things interesting.

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