The Forgotten Horror Drama You Can Binge On Hulu

The BBC’s 2013 series “In The Flesh” is a fictional look at what the world could look like after a zombie apocalypse. It tells the tale of Kieren (Luke Newberry), a teenage boy who becomes victim to a virus that turns him into a blood-thirsty zombie. 

Many of the humans in the world of “In The Flesh” fight back, re-killing those people who’ve reanimated as homicidal zombies. As normal life begins to resume, scientists find a way to round up the zombies left and use medication to control their flesh-eating tendencies. Those people, identified as having Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS), must re-enter society under tight medical control, and with the knowledge of all the atrocious acts they committed while they were undead. This leads the PDS crew, including Kieren, down a dark path of isolation and social rejection, according to the BBC synopsis. 

“In The Flesh” ran for two seasons consisting of nine hour-long episodes in total. It may feel paltry stacked against certain other zombie franchises, but the brevity makes it all-the-more bingable. The series was created and written by Dominic Mitchell. It’s a must-watch drama for any horror junkie looking for something new (well, old) to binge in a relatively short amount of time. 

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