The Reason Terri Hammer From Chicago Med Looks So Familiar

Bonita Friedericy was a series regular on the NBC series “Chuck” from 2007-2012, which starred fan-favorite Zachary Levi as the titular character and clerk at the local Buy More, who gets spy secrets embedded in his brain when he reads an email. 

Friedericy played stern but compassionate Brigadier General Diane Beckman, the director of the National Security Agency. who gives the team intelligence and assigns their missions via video conferencing calls. She occasionally gets more involved, offering support — and also manipulating matters here and there — to make sure Chuck remains active and useful to the government. She also has a romantic interest in super-spy Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette). 

“This is the way a Beckman scene basically works,” she told Assignment X. “It’s a long-distance shot of me on a monitor, talking and you see the back of everyone. And it zooms up close and then it sort of goes to everybody else while I continue to talk, and then eventually it comes back to me. So most of the filming is about two, three, four hours of other people, with me just standing with the camera guys, throwing my lines out. So I actually have gotten very fond of the camera crew. I’m usually crammed behind them, under their armpits or in weird locations, trying not to get run over.”

Beckman is a character she enjoyed playing quite a bit, though. “I liked her for the fact that she’s got a really good heart and that she’s practical. She’s extraordinarily pragmatic … She is fully capable of nuking a fortress and perhaps killing the man she loves in an effort to save him, because that’s what’s required,” she said.

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