The Reddit Theory That Has Rick & Morty Fans Rewatching The Opening Credits

Every season, the opening sequence of “Rick and Morty” changes ever so slightly. Some clips remain the same while others are swapped out for scenes of new adventures, plus a few we never see in a proper episode. For Season 5, one clip includes a seemingly benign moment of Morty golfing. Nothing in the realm of science-fiction occurs. He’s just golfing, and apparently, he’s pretty good at it.

One Redditor tries to add some new context to the moment: “Plot twist: Golf morty is evil morty living a normal life.” As elaborated on later in the thread, Evil Morty really doesn’t seem to have any grand ambitions. He doesn’t seem interested in taking over the multiverse or ruling over a single land. The whole idea behind breaking the central finite curve is that it was the only way to get away from Rick’s clutches where he could be a regular kid. And it seems like when Morty finally gets all the time in the world, he wants to take up golf.

Other Redditors really took to the theory, adding comments like “You know he’s evil if he likes golf” and “That woooould be dope” to the mix. Of course, many scenes on “Rick and Morty” are open to interpretation, and u/gesugaoevilface has another way of reading the scene: “Or it’s just him as president playing golf more often than he’s in office like other presidents we’ve had.” Then again, it could just be regular Morty has taken an interest in golf. The humor could be in watching Morty doing something so mundane, but wherever there are strange “Rick and Morty” moments, fan theories won’t be far behind.

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