Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Hocus Pocus?

If there’s anyone who is the ultimate king of Halloween, it’s the inimitable Doug Jones. Jones plays Winifred Sanderson’s long-dead zombie boyfriend brought back to life, Billy Butcherson. Butcherson was caught cheating with Winnie’s sister Sarah and Winnie ultimately killed him. When Winnie lures Billy out of the ground, she assumes that he’ll help the sisters out, but instead he turns on them and helps Max, Allison, and Dani escape.

You probably wouldn’t recognize Doug Jones if you saw him in real life, because for the majority of his career, he’s worn elaborate costumes and full body makeup or portrayed non-human creatures. He started his career in commercials as a contortionist and mime, and after “Hocus Pocus,” his costumed career only grew more intense, on both the large and small screens. After “Hocus Pocus,” Jones played the leader of the ghoulish Gentlemen in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episode “Hush.”

His most famous roles are probably Abe Sapien in the “Hellboy” franchise, the Faun and the Pale Man in Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth,” The Ancient in the TV series “The Strain,” the Amphibian Man in the Oscar-winning “The Shape of Water,” Baron Afanas in “What We Do in the Shadows,” and Saru on “Star Trek: Discovery.” He’ll also appear as Count Orlok in a remake of “Nosferatu.” Jones really is the king of costumes.

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