Amber Portwood Sends Daughter an Apology Amid Strained Relationship

After viewing the clip, Leah didn’t know what to say. While Gary said it sounded like Amber was trying to apologize, Leah wasn’t sure if she was ready to accept it. 

“I’m sure we have, like, good memories,” the pre-teen said, “but I couldn’t tell if, like, the crying or anything like that was fake. So, I really don’t know what to think of it. I don’t know if I can forgive her, and especially not now.” 

When Gary asked what Leah couldn’t forgive her for, Leah pointed to social media videos in which Amber said “bad stuff” about Gary’s wife Kristina.

“You can make bad decisions and still care about somebody, OK?” Gary told her. “Your mom’s made bad decisions. I’ve made bad decisions. You can still love and care about somebody even though you’ve made bad decisions.”

Leah then said she loves Kristina, who noted “there’s room for all of us.” 

“That has nothing to do with your relationship with your mom,” Gary continued. “What I will say is I know this: Your mom loves you. “

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