Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date, Rooms, And Trailer

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to release a trailer for the second season of “Floor is Lava.” That doesn’t mean, however, than fans can’t get their fill of hilarious, molten lava content and cash prizes. This past summer, the streaming service compiled and released a “Best of” video wherein “Oddly Specific Awards” were doled out to Season 1 contestants alongside replays of their most infamous moments. 

The video’s awards include (but are by no means limited to) “Most Cinematic Death,” “Best Comedic Timing by a Lava Blob,” “Best Accidental Twerk,” and “Best Weight-Based Chandelier Argument,” — an award that would be difficult for almost any other television program ever created to justify, but that feels perfectly at home in the context of “Floor is Lava.” While the highly-anticipated release of the Season 2 trailer may be some ways off, at least the very serious and globally-lauded awards show (via YouTube) is keeping the manic energy of the series going strong in the interim.

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