Heroine Tarumono! Release Date, Characters, And Plot

Crunchyroll’s August 2021 report on “Heroine Tarumono!” includes a synopsis for the new anime. Per the outlet, the show “follows Hiyori Suzumi, a high school student who moves to Tokyo and takes a part-time job as an assistant manager to the male idol duo LIPxLIP in order to make ends meet. Hiyori soon learns that it’s tough to juggle work, school life, and club activities, especially when the talent she’s managing are also her classmates.”

The official “Heroine Tarumono!” website includes additional information about Hiyori’s journey from student to band manager. We know Hiyori left her hometown to pursue her love for track and field at a Tokyo high school but ended up needing a part-time job. This development leads her to become an assistant manager for LIPxLIP. Not only does she have to juggle the everyday struggles of a high school student with classes and extracurricular activities, but she must also navigate her way through the group’s rise to fame.

Thanks to the “Heroine Tarumono!” trailer, we can tell the series is certainly cute and quirky, which all anime fans can appreciate. Additionally, fans of the anime genres shoujo and slice of life, like “Fruits Basket” or “Ouran High School Host Club,” will definitely want to check this one out. If you do, you may find “Heroine Tarumono!” is a new favorite.

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