Supernatural Bloopers That’ll Change How You Watch The Show

In the Season 4 bloopers, we don’t see Misha Collins in the full zany mode he’s capable of, but he has more times to shine in Season 5. When he isn’t making goofy faces in the middle of takes, he’s calling out certain unnamed actors for groping him and farting during Collins’ critical scenes with Ackles. (Signature Padalecki move.) It turns out that Collins can hold his own in the impromptu dancing department. After his arrival on set, it’s a straight-up miracle that episodes made it to post on time. Even more impressive? Cas and Dean’s staring matches are just as iconic between takes when they’re laughing.

The season also marks the start of Jake Abel’s stint on the show. Abel, who plays Adam, is low-key abused off-set just as much as he was during his forgotten storyline on the show. Watching Collins pelt Abel with Molotov cocktails straight to the nipple is almost worse than watching the Winchesters forget their brother in hell for a decade. Ouch, that smarts.

You know what else hurts? Eating the ridiculous amount of food that Dean, a character with a legendary appetite for meat and pie, has to ingest in the show. Chad Everett, an actor who plays an aged Dean, says of the food he has to eat in one scene, “This is so dry. I can’t swallow it.” Hold up. Does this imply that Ackles has actually been eating all of that food this entire time? How did he not gain 40 pounds in the first season alone with his junk food galore? Dean’s binges take on a whole new meaning after this blooper.

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