The Actress Criminal Minds Fans Wish Was Never Cast

Diving into the topic of unpopular opinions about “Criminal Minds” on Reddit, one thread revealed that many fans remember and dislike the casting choice for Ellie Spicer, the young girl Billy Flynn kidnapped at the end of the Season 5 episode “Our Darkest Night.” According to IMDb, Isabella Murad played Ellie Spicer for three episodes, including “Our Darkest Hour” and its follow-up episode “The Longest Night.” 

Even though Murad was only 11 or 12 when she filmed the episodes that aired in 2010, viewers remember her performance harshly. u/canyonoflight wrote: “I can’t stand the Tim Curry episodes bc the little girl actress has resting smile face so she never seemed scared to me.” u/yellowtshirtgirl agreed, adding, “She must have been someone on crew’s kid or something because her acting was terrible and there was no way she was only 8. Sucks because the kid actors on criminal minds have always been great and mostly believable, and this was such a big episode to have her on.” 

These days, Murad is in her 20s but hasn’t added much to her acting resume outside of voice acting roles. Her IMDb profile notes she was the voice of Milly in “Phineas and Ferb,” and she had a minor role in the horror film “Mockingbird.” 

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