The Bob’s Burgers Fan Theory About Jimmy Pesto That Changes Everything

Is the feud between Bob and Jimmy only restaurant-related? According to a Reddit user named u/Dark_Prism, things may not be so simple. Their extremely dark fan theory focuses on Pesto’s own family life. First, the Redditor notes a few simple facts before diving into their theory: While Pesto has mentioned his wife, we’ve never seen her; he hates Bob with a passion; and in Season 1 Episode 6, we learn that Pesto is a regular attendee at a fetish club called the Desire Dungeon, where he’s referred to as Baby Num-Num, the diaper lover.

What do all of these seemingly unrelated facts have to do with the Pesto vs. Belcher feud? According to u/Dark_Prism’s theory, “Jimmy Pesto’s wife died while giving birth to the twins, Andy & Ollie. Jimmy hates Bob now because he is forced to watch Bob, just across the street, have a loving and whole family. He does not go to the fetish club with his wife because she is dead and as such he has adapted a rather taboo fetish to play out.”

If Pesto did indeed experience a traumatizing incident — like his wife’s tragic death — it’s entirely possible that to deal with the trauma, he developed a taboo coping method. And if you consider the dark original concept for “Bob’s Burgers,” this fan theory isn’t too far-fetched. On the other hand, other users on the thread noted that they think the Pestos are simply divorced, which is why Jimmy Sr. is so bitter. Either way, the mind wanders.

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