What If Padme Amidala Hadn’t Died In Star Wars?

With Padmé’s open involvement, the early Rebellion would have had access to a very significant resource: the Royal Naboo Security Force. Seen throughout “The Phantom Menace,” Naboo’s military is small, but quite effective. Its Royal Space Fighter Corps features top-of-the-line starfighters like the N-1, which definitely could have come in handy. Moreover, its Palace and Security Guards would have performed quite well as the first Rebel fighters. Beyond this, many Naboo soldiers already have experience rebelling, from when they organized the Naboo resistance against the illegal droid occupation in “The Phantom Menace.”  If they managed to escape the planet with most or all of their equipment, they would doubtlessly have proved to be an excellent paramilitary force, able to train Rebellion recruits. 

These experienced soldiers and veteran pilots would have been more than equipped to pull off small strikes against Imperial infrastructure, or hit-and-runs on military convoys. Similarly, larger ships like the J-type 327 Nubian starship, seen in “The Phantom Menace,” could have worked excellently as blockade runners capable of racing people past Imperial checkpoints. Couple this with Padmé’s many handmaiden lookalikes, and she could have easily operated as the Rebellion’s public figurehead while still evading the Emperor’s wrath. 

If nothing else, it’s fun to imagine Leia fleeing Vader’s star destroyer in a royal cruiser, or Luke performing the trench run in a yellow-and-silver Naboo starfighter instead of an X-wing.

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