Why Connie And Kelly’s Reunion On The Walking Dead Means More Than You Think

Lauren Ridloff told Insider that filming Connie and Kelly’s reunion scene was the first time she and Angel Theory had seen each other in person since the start of the pandemic, which helped them make the scene especially emotionally authentic.

Ridloff said that when she learned that the episode would be Connie and Kelly’s reunion, she asked “The Walking Dead” executive producer and episode director Greg Nicotero for help making the moment very special.

“I asked Greg before we actually started shooting if we could set up some kind of actual physical separation. I didn’t want to see Angel until the day that we actually shot that scene,” Ridloff said. “I wanted that scene to be the first time that I actually physically saw her, that we saw each other.” So everything from setting up the scene, to wardrobe fittings, to now-standard pandemic precautions like Covid tests were arranged in such a way that Ridloff and Theory weren’t there at the same time. It required some behind-the-scenes maneuvering, but it was worth it to get the result.

“When we finally shot that scene, what you actually see on screen is real,” Ridloff said. “Those were real tears. It was that sense of relief that we’re both back together. We survived the pandemic and now here we are. We’re still surviving in this apocalypse. I think it was really a nice parallel.”

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