Carl Tart Reveals How He Brought Tamarians Back To Star Trek

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” recently ended. You were a story editor for a little while, and you’ve worked with Craig Robinson on some stuff in the past, too. What that was it like working on that show? Did you have any thoughts about the circumstances that brought it to an end after its eighth season?

I really enjoyed my time there. I have so many friends that worked there with me. It’s a real family affair over there, and I was happy to be a part of it. Everybody in the cast is truly the nicest person ever. And the show that I’m working on right now is actually, I’m on a new series called “Grand Crew” that’ll be out early next year — I’m an actor on it. I’m out of the writer’s room, but it’s from the producers, from the makers of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Phil Augusta Jackson, who was in the room at “Brooklyn,” is a good friend of mine. And Melissa Fumero directed the episode we just shot. 

I think “Brooklyn,” it’s complicated, but it also … those folks over there are so cool and nice that I’m happy they got to accomplish something. It’s hard to get a show on the air for eight years in today’s TV landscape, especially a single-camera show. Multi-cams do a little bit better, but eight seasons, it was revived at NBC. And that was my first season working there, the first NBC season. So kudos to them, man. They’re all dope. Stephanie [Beatriz] is super dope. Melissa’s super dope, Terry [Crews], like, everybody’s dope.

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