Death Valley Fans Agree Is The Worst

According to Reddit, many fans have immediately found a fun new character to hate: Professor Adam (Samuel Hunt), the anti-technology Luddite college teacher, who seems to have immediately stolen the show from creepy aliens and other suspicious figures as a great candidate for the worst person in the show. This, incidentally, is saying something, considering that Adam only appears in the episode twice. 

“The college professor guy has only been in 2 brief scenes & I want to punch him upside his pretentious head,” one Redditor wrote. Others join the anti-Adam choir, pointing out that his rather smarmy nature, combined with his relationship with his own student, makes him a pretty effective hate magnet. “I am so over the professor banging his student thing,” a fan wrote. 

Presumably, future episodes will reveal whether Adam really is as unlikable as these fans think, or if he turns out to be even worse. Regardless of his Luddite character’s future plotlines, though, it looks like Hunt is doing a great job drawing heat from the fans. 

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