Is Max Really Leaving New Amsterdam?

In Season 4, Max and Helen are no longer holding back their love for one another, and Max is willing to do whatever he needs to be by her side. When Helen indicates that she plans to leave New Amsterdam to be a medical director in London, Max says that he will follow her there, leaving fans wondering what will happen with New Amsterdam without them.

As far as we know, both Eggold and Agyeman do not appear to have any plans to leave “New Amsterdam,” which NBC renewed last year through 2023 (Deadline). Eggold recently shared his excitement for the new season by posting a trailer on his Instagram with the caption stating, “we hope you dig the beginning of this new chapter.” The show is as successful as ever, and Max and Helen’s story is far from over. So is this all talk or are Max and Helen actually moving? 

Speaking with TV Insider, executive producer David Schulner said that “Max is going to London … There’s a lot to do before they leave. There’s a lot to put into place before they go. But they’re going.” Schulner is quite confident in his statement, so fans should probably expect the move to happen somehow. “New Amsterdam” could use a time jump or have the move happen over a midseason break, or the show could even follow them to London on screen, splitting the story between two cities.

No matter what happens in the show, fans can rest assured that cast members Eggold and Agyeman are not leaving “New Amsterdam,” and you will still see plenty of Max and Helen in the future.  

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