Joshua Orpin Discusses What He’d Like To See For The Future Of Superboy In Titans

Were there any specific comic books or superhero TV shows with Superboy in them you looked to for inspiration before taking on the part?

Yeah, I kind of wanted to look at everything, to be honest. I, generally speaking, tried to focus more on the comic books, because I kind of considered that to be the source material. I also wanted to have a look at the other media as well. I watched some of the cartoons, “Young Justice,” in particular, was one I had seen a bit of already, and I watched some of that. When it comes to that stuff, you kind of don’t want your performance to be informed too much by what other people have done before you. I find it best to kind of just stick to the comics and try to create something original.

Are you a fan of “Young Justice”?

Yeah, I liked it a lot. I had seen some of the first season already, and I feel like the timing of that show is interesting because if it had come around a little bit earlier in my life, I feel like I would have watched it religiously. I feel like maybe now I’m a little older, and I’m not watching cartoons as much nowadays. I might’ve just missed the boat on that one, but I think it’s really good. It’s really strong. I enjoy it a lot.

Were you a comics fan before joining “Titans”?

Yeah. I kind of got into comics during my teens a little bit, funnily enough. That kind of stemmed from growing up watching the movies and the cartoons with the superheroes. And then, yeah, I started reading some of the more famous books as a teenager — particularly DC stuff, actually. Batman and Superman. But then when I was cast in “Titans,” I had to kind of do a bit more of a deep dive and look at more Superboy-specific comics.

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