NCIS Fans Agree This Is The Best Villain On The Show

There’s a case to be made for several “NCIS” villains being the best of the best. However, a recent Reddit poll, which surveyed over 400 people, saw one come out on top by a significant margin. According to the fans, Ari Haswari (Rudolf Martin) is the show’s greatest antagonist.

Haswari first appeared in Season 1 before going to play a big part in the next two instalments, becoming Gibbs’ mortal enemy in the process. The villain gave the “NCIS” team plenty of headaches, but killing off a beloved fan-favorite character was arguably the worst atrocity he ever committed.

Regardless of his crimes, “NCIS” fans appreciate the impact Haswari had on the series. As one Reddit user pointed out, his actions could be “felt deep into the shows later seasons.” 

Another fan, who goes by the name u/countamillion, agreed with this sentiment, claiming that “Ari’s three-season arc and legacy that lasts to this day makes him the most impressive.”

It’s a difficult point of a view to argue with.

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