Reid’s Best Parental Figure Throughout The Show

Though a fourth, “Other” option received just 65 total votes, plenty of fans in the comments were annoyed at a candidate the original poster left off: Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). The most upvoted response to the poll was one simply reading “Loved Hotch and Reid’s relationship,” from u/jayjaymads27.

The OP owned up to their mistake, admitting that Hotch’s relationship with Reid had more than earned at least a nomination. Others thought their dynamic brought something different out of Reid that the others didn’t manage. “With Hotch, he taught Spencer it was okay to be wrong, either with a case or something that was in his personal life,” u/Marvelthingss_ wrote.

The length of Hotch and Reid’s relationship led many in the comments to pair him with Rossi in their appreciations. “Hotch and Rossi are such Team-Dads,” wrote u/GlitchingGecko. Which may be what Reid really needed, not just a surrogate parent, but an entire family.

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