The Chestnut Man Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot

“The Chestnut Man” Season 1 premiered on September 29, and Netflix understandably didn’t renew a foreign-language crime show before seeing how the first season fares. That’s why there’s no information when the second season premieres, or, for that matter, whether there will be one in the first place.

That being said, there are never too many Nordic Noir crime shows with strong female leads, and outlets like Forbes are already comparing “The Chestnut Man” to “The Killing,” which is arguably the gold standard of the genre. Since shows like this aren’t too expensive to make, and “The Chestnut Man” is clearly earning plaudits, there’s no reason why the streamer wouldn’t order another season of thrilling Danish murder investigations, at least provided the first one does well enough. 

Assuming that “The Chestnut Man” Season 2 gets the green light, the production cycle of a police procedural tends to take a year, give or take — so the new season would likely premiere sometime in late 2022, or perhaps even early 2023. 

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