This Famous Horror Actor Used To Host A Lifestyle Show

From debating the best locations for shrubbery to abducting tourists and torturing them within an inch of their lives, John Jarratt’s on-screen journey is whiplash-inducing. Before he was Mick Taylor in “Wolf Creek” and its sequels, the horror actor hosted “Better Homes and Gardens” (via Buzzfeed).

He worked on the Australian lifestyle show with co-host Noni Hazlehurst from 1995 to 1998, offering advice on things like where to place barbecue pits and how to maintain flourishing gardens. One clip of the show features the cheery theme song “Getting Better” and begins with Jarratt and Hazlehurst talking landscaping while hanging laundry on a clothesline.

Naturally, horror fans were amused by the stark contrast between the roles. “This is what Mick was doing before he snapped,” reads the top comment under the video. Can you imagine the vicious killer baking a “seductive coffee and chocolate cheesecake” or building a “picture frame that won’t break the bank”?

Beyond “Wolf Creek,” Jarratt is known for his roles in “Picnic at Hanging Rock,” “Next of Kin,” and “Rogue.”

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