Trailer Watch: Lily-Rose Depp Falls for a “Wolf” in Nathalie Biancheri’s Latest

“Life is no fairy tale — is it?” asks Lily-Rose Depp in a new trailer for “Wolf.” Described by writer-director Nathalie Biancheri as an exploration of “accepting who you are over the expectations of society and the world we live in,” the TIFF thriller tells the story of Jacob (George MacKay, “1917”) a young man who believes he’s a wolf trapped in a human body.

Sent to a clinic for treatment for his “species identity disorder,” George crosses paths with Wildcat (Depp, “The King”), another patient. “They say the wolf and the wildcat are natural enemies, but they’re wrong,” an infatuated Wildcat insists. Not everyone has hope that they’ll have a happily ever after. “Do you really think that you can have a life with that boy?” Wildcat is asked.

“I was interested in exploring the question of identity — what makes up our identity, both as humans and as individuals,” Biancheri told us. “I wanted to leave the audience with questions: Is he a wolf? Is he not? What does it mean to be a wolf if you will never become one, but still feel you are one? Can he survive in this way? What will happen to him? Did he make the right choice?”

“Nocturnal,” Biancheri’s 2019 feature debut, made its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival.

“Wolf” arrives in theaters December 3.

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