Why This Pair Of Russian Cossack Swords Didn’t Sell On Pawn Stars

The episode shows the benefits one can reap by having a professional look at your goods. The swords themselves were neither fully authentic nor completely fake. Expert Mark Hall-Patton stated the bayonets on the sword were correct to the time period. However, the sheaths and blades of the larger swords were made more recently. On one of the pieces, Hall-Patton even pointed out how one of them was artificially aged.

It turns out to be bad news for the seller. Corey wasn’t interested in getting a somewhat authentic piece of Russian history, so the blades walked out of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop without a deal. It’s a shame for the seller. A single sword at one auction sold for just over $2,400. It’s easy to see a scenario where the seller sold each for at least $1,500, which isn’t a bad payday for some stuff that was likely collecting dust at his home. 

In terms of what we got, the segment serves as an excellent reminder to keep your expectations in check when visiting the team from “Pawn Stars.”

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