Fuuto PI Release Date, Characters, And More

Continuing the adventures of Shotaro and Phillip as Kamen Rider W, “Fuuto PI” delves further into the duo’s lives as they work to protect Fuuto from harm. One day, the pair encounters a pink-haired girl under attack by criminals in the form of Dopants, a type of monster that people can transform into through the use of USB-like devices called “Gaia Memories.” After saving the girl, whose name is Tokime, Shotaro and Phillip hire her at their detective agency.

From then on, along with the help of police and fellow Kamen Rider Accel, the duo known as Kamen Rider W continue combating the Dopant menace that still remains in the city (via Myanimelist). Though the original show ended with the halting of Gaia distribution, Dopants still pose a major threat to the city. Thankfully, the hero Kamen Rider W is still on the case.

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