Get A First Look At She-Hulk’s Jameela Jamil As Titania

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the upcoming “She-Hulk” series, and Jameela Jamil’s recent Twitter post doesn’t exactly shed a ton more light on the Disney+ project. However, it does show us that Jamil will have comic-accurate hair for her character. The long red locks shown in the picture nearly match perfectly that of Titania from the pages of a comic book. And to cap it all off, Jamil has added a vague caption of “Ok Boomer.” It’s unclear what precisely the caption is supposed to add to the picture. Maybe Titania will be reimagined as a Gen Z street punk. But all good things come in time. 

For the time being, fans love the look. They quickly go into her comments to tell her how beautiful she looks and express their enthusiasm for her upcoming Marvel role. Some of the words of praise that have come in include “OMG SO CUTE I DIE” and “You got a bit of an Angelina Jolie look there.” One fan even asked her where she got the look, and apparently, the wig only set her back $20.

“The Good Place” actress may play a bad guy on the Marvel series, but she’s going to look fabulous while doing it.

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