How AHS Fans Really Feel About Kaia Gerber’s Acting In Death Valley

“I do think Kaia is doing better than her role in stories,” opined u/TheFinalGirl84. “That being said she’s playing a college aged girl from a rich family, so she’s basically playing herself.”

That Redditor was one of the more kind critics of Kaia Gerber’s acting — most were unimpressed by her lack of emotions in what should’ve been terrifying scenes, like when the neatly halved presumed-dead cow began mooing at her. “She’s never gonna be Sarah (Paulson) or Lily (Rabe) but maybe she can get to ‘occasionally expresses an expected emotion,'” wrote u/PerfectedReinvented. Others shared flatly delivered quotes from her character sprinkled with emotionless emojis.

One fan scoffed at how much screen time she had compared to “American Horror Story” veterans Paulson and Rabe. “Ryan Murphy loves his nepotism bbs,” replied u/wordworrier, referring to Gerber’s famous mother Cindy Crawford and other “AHS” stars related to famous celebrities. This sparked a conversation about the casting of Rabe, Billie Lourd, Paris Jackson, and Taissa Farmiga, and fans questioned their abilities.

Despite the criticism, Gerber shared to Instagram that she had “(spent) the summer doing what I love most” along with behind-the-scenes pictures from “Death Valley.” Plus, it’s not just her. Fans on the subreddit didn’t like any of the modern characters, comparing their scenes to a bad “SNL” skit or an Urban Outfitters commercial. Maybe next week’s episode will turn things around as the highly anticipated alien storyline picks up.

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