New Dexter Key Art Celebrates 15 Years Of Murderous Mayhem

At the end of Season 8, Dexter was effectively able to fake his own death during a destructive hurricane to leave and start a new life. The official synopsis for “Dexter” Season 9 reveals that after he left sunny Miami behind, he started a new life under a fake identity in Iron Lake, New York. While he seems to have left his murderous extracurricular activities behind in the 10 years since he left Miami, a violent series of events reawaken his Dark Passenger.

The key art featured on Deadline shows Dexter loading suspicious-looking black plastic bags into the back of a truck in a way that recalls elements of his past. In all of the initial eight seasons of “Dexter,” he used his fishing boat, Slice of Life, to get rid of the dismembered remains of his victims in the Gulf Stream. Now it seems that a red truck deep in the woods will be his new method of body disposal.

The second image, available on Twitter, doesn’t give fans as many clues as the first, but does feature Dexter wearing his traditional sinister grin, in addition to a heavy sweatshirt and a stubbly beard covered in snow. The familiar pose and positioning of the art recalls some of the classic promotional images from previous seasons that Showtime recently shared on Twitter while hinting that Season 9 will be something entirely new.

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