The Unique Way American Pickers Scored A 1933 Ford Coupe

This story begins in April of 2017 when “American Pickers” was in the midst of its 17th Season on History. The episode “My Sweet Ford” saw Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel to central Washington with hopes of making yet another round of stellar buys. Their journey took them to a former body shop packed to the ceiling with old car and motorcycle parts dating back decades, but nothing inside caught their eye at first. That changed once they went outside and, oddly enough, took a step into the woods nearby to check out some run-down cars.

Just beyond the tree line was a dilapidated yet entirely salvageable 1933 Ford Coupe, having sat there for some time. Proof of this came in the form of a tree that had essentially grown around it, but it would take more than that to stop Mike and Frank from getting their hands on it. After inspecting it and learning that its original dashboard and grill are still around and in fair condition, they ultimately chose to buy it for $14,000. Of course, that meant they had to remove it from its arboreal resting place, which they eventually managed to do with only minimal difficulty.

As Mike Wolfe said in the episode, moments like this are the stuff of picking folklore. After all, it’s not every day that you practically pluck a 1933 Ford Coupe out of a tree.

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