Chicago Med’s Yaya DaCosta Talks April And Ethan’s Ill-Fated Relationship

In an interview with TVLine, DaCosta addressed the relationship between April and Ethan, and how the finale leaves their feelings unresolved. In the episode, April and Ethan talk as he recovers from a gunshot wound, and April confesses that she still loves him. When asked specifically if there is closure between the couple after this scene, DaCosta said “No, not at all.” 

Elaborating on the behind-the-scenes reasoning for this, DaCosta explained that “when [the finale] was written, the idea of April not being at Gaffney Medical Center, and me not being on the show, was not even a thought. Things happened behind the scenes very quickly. We were literally in the final days of shooting the episode while conversations and negotiations about my working there were going on.” Everything regarding DaCosta’s future with “Chicago Med” was decided soon after that, and the team behind the show couldn’t change anything about the end of the season at that point. 

DaCosta pointed out that if she had stayed, the moment between April and Ethan in the finale “could’ve developed so that they could get back together,” but with the actress not returning, the scene now takes on a different meaning for viewers. But this doesn’t mean that April is necessarily gone forever. DaCosta said she would be willing to return to “Chicago Med” as a guest star, and who knows, maybe fans will one day see a succinct, satisfying ending for April and Ethan’s romance.

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