Clues That Have Fans Rolling in the Deep Over Adele’s Rumored Album

Adele has set fire to the internet.

On Monday, Oct. 4, the Grammy-winning singer sent fans into a frenzy after she returned to Twitter with her first post in nearly a year. All it took was two words from Adele to make everyone start rolling in the deep: “Hiya babes!” she simply wrote.

While the English star’s message was short and sweet, the timing of her tweet marked an interesting one. Just hours before posting, the “Hello” musician changed the photo and background on her social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Her new look featured a teal blue backdrop.

This subtle, yet striking change caused fans to speculate that Adele is releasing a new album soon.

In fact, over the weekend, Twitter users shared images of billboards with the number ’30’ displayed around the world. Guess what color the posters were—the exact teal blue shade the singer has splashed across her social media.

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