Small Details You Missed In The First House Of The Dragon Teaser Trailer

House of the Dragon is exciting for a whole myriad of reasons, but for many GoT fans, getting to see the ancestral home of the Targaryens once again is certainly a highlight. This teaser trailer gives us plenty of looks into Dragonstone, the castle standing upon the eponymous island in Blackwater Bay. During most of GoT, it was home to Stannis Baratheon, where he ruled as Lord until his death in Season 5. In Season 7, the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys returns to Dragonstone, her birthplace, where she intends to launch her battle from the Iron Throne — but Dragonstone is never seen in its original splendor during “Game of Thrones.”

However, now audiences can see Dragonstone in all its glory from back when House Targaryen ruled over the Seven Kingdoms, including a shot of an elaborate banquet hall. We imagine we’ll get to see even more of the Valyrian artistry at Dragonstone, demonstrating just how powerful (and wealthy) the Targaryens were before the Iron Throne fell.

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