AHS Fans Agree This Is Sarah Paulson’s Best Character

This question was brought to “American Horror Story” fans on Reddit and put to a vote in a poll. With plenty of options to chose from, 591 people recorded their opinion, and the result came out with an obvious winner. With about 56% of the vote, Lana Winters of “American Horror Story: Asylum” came out on top, winning against Cordelia, Ally, Billie Dean, Bette and Dot Tattler, and Audrey Tindall.

Although all of Paulson’s characters are complex and entertaining, the actress brought authenticity and brutal honesty to Lana’s story. “Asylum” may have alien abductions and devil possession, but the scariest part of the season (and possibly all of “American Horror Story” so far) is Lana’s story of being committed to a mental hospital against her will, facing abuse and prejudice due to her sexuality, including conversion therapy, and experiencing even worse horrors committed by the serial killer called “Bloody Face,” who is really just a psychotic and sadistic man named Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto). Nothing really beats the very human horror that Lana faces in this season, and Paulson does an amazing job bringing the character to life. The second season of “American Horror Story” also earned Paulson her first Emmy nomination for the show, with the actress receiving four more nominations since (IMDb).

Many “American Horror Story” fans agree that Lana is Paulson’s best role, with 330 people picking the character in the poll. But who knows, one of Paulson’s future “American Story” characters may soon take the top spot in fans’ minds. 

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