Lyndsy Fonseca Reveals How She Really Feels About The How I Met Your Mother Finale

On filming scenes for the “How I Met Your Mother” ending years before fans saw it and keeping that secret, Fonseca said, “Yeah, I remember it was a big deal. I remember signing an NDA, a confidentiality agreement, on set. I remember even though it was such an early start of the show, that it hadn’t even … It was an instant hit, but it still hadn’t gained that cult following yet.”

She added, “But even then, it was a big deal, what we were doing, and to the point where I was so terrified of accidentally saying the ending that I forgot. I just never said it. I didn’t even tell my own mother. I just never said it. I just forgot. Years later, we were doing a Comic-Con, and I think David Henry had told me because I was like, ‘I don’t even remember.’ I was so terrified. It was like amnesia.”

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