The Surprising Movie Jason Blum Calls Blumhouse’s Biggest Legacy So Far

The 2018 “Halloween” film stands out, especially as an example of Blumhouse having a huge impact on the shape and direction of horror. Finding ways to shed unnecessary sequel canon bloat while investigating a classic character’s post traumatic stress was perfected at the start of David Gordon Green’s new “Halloween” trilogy. Other than that, though, we asked Jason Blum what he thinks the biggest legacy coming out of Blumhouse has been from the 2010s?

“I think ‘Get Out’ was a pivotal movie for us and also for the horror business,” Blum said. “I think ‘Get Out’ made, I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it made those of us who like horror movies and those of us who make horror movies more legitimate. It got recognized so much by the Academy. So I think suddenly filmmakers who never thought they would direct a horror movie got interested in horror. So I think that was a pivotal movie for the horror community.”

If the 2010s are known for anything, it is most certainly the influx of what is deemed “art-house” horror, comprising of films like “Under the Skin,” “It Follows,” and “The Witch.” “Get Out” also has the net benefit of being created by Jordan Peele, who has since gone on to put his stamp on “The Twilight Zone” and “Candyman” while also crafting “Us.”

“Bingo Hell” and “Black as Night” will debut on Amazon Prime Video on October 1, while “Madres” and “The Manor” will appear on the same platform starting October 8.

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