The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 7 Scene Fans Thought Went Too Far

As Daryl and Leah walked through the woods, nothing seemed too out of the ordinary in the context of the zombie apocalypse. That all changed when the duo spotted a man all by himself, who frantically explained that his wife was mortally wounded, and so it was his job to find food and supplies. While Daryl held him at gunpoint, Leah contacted Pope (Ritchie Coster) and asked him what they should do with the man and his family, prompting the Reapers’ leader to coldly call for their execution.

Instead, Leah and Daryl choose to follow the man to his family, finding that his wife was in terrible condition and likely didn’t have much more time among the living. They instructed the man and his son to leave and never return, and the wife requested that they kill her before she could turn into a walker — as is “Walking Dead” tradition at this point. Leah prepared to take the shot (though she doesn’t) with her double-barrel shotgun, drawing the ire of the “TWD” Reddit community for the move seeming just a tad overkill.

“You were really gonna use a whole shotgun shell on her? Damn, that’s extreme,” wrote user Racing2F, pointing out just how unnecessary using such a weapon is in this scenario. Although, The_Names_Lenny speculates that perhaps “it was to ensure that a reaper killed her in case one of them stopped by the area again to confirm the kill.” Redditor alexkiltro called the method “Messy but safe,” adding that “People can disturbingly survive a bullet in their head sonetimes, but getting their complete head erased from existence? yeah, that will do it.”

Daryl was ultimately the one to deliver the killing blow with the aid of his trusty crossbow. This is far from an ideal way to go and would be a horrific sight to see, but as the “Walking Dead” fandom pointed out, Leah’s shotgun would have made the scene significantly harder to stomach.

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