Things About Netflix’s Squid Game That Make Absolutely No Sense

One of the subplots in Season 1 involves a police officer named Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon). At the beginning of the season, he’s trying to locate his missing brother, who disappeared years prior after taking part in the games.

Supposedly, security for the games is ultra-tight, and the games’ guards have to follow stringent protocols. They’re not even allowed to speak unless spoken to. Like the contestants, the guards are monitored at all times by security cameras. They’re also microchipped and regularly subjected to facial scans through their masks. Finally, any mistake is immediately punishable by death.

And yet Jun-ho manages to infiltrate the island without much trouble. All he has to do is sneak onto a ferry, knock out one of the guards, and take their uniform. He breaks the “don’t speak unless spoken to” rule, but he simply explains that he’s new and doesn’t understand the rules and the guard is satisfied. He’s scanned multiple times, passing all of them. At one point, he even takes off his mask in his dorm room to eat. This happens in full view of security cameras, but nobody notices.

Sure, it probably wouldn’t have been satisfying if Jun-ho had been executed the moment he stepped onto the ferry. But since “Squid Game” went to such great lengths to explain how impregnable the island is, this one stands out.

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