30 Best American Horror Story Episodes Ranked

“Boy Wonder” is a delight to “AHS” fans for many reasons. While the end of Episode 3 brought back the “Coven” witches, this is the first episode that fully brings the worlds together. “Boy Wonder” gives fans more of everything that’s awesome, like Billy Porter, “Coven”-style silent film flashback sequences, sketchy demons, boy band infighting, glamorous capes, Stevie Nicks, and Robot Mom murder.

In a surprise from the past, Coco St. Pierre and Mallory are coven witches in the Before Times, and Coco is a Magical Gluten Detector. As a fading Cordelia copes with apocalyptic visions and worries Michael is the next Supreme, the would-be Antichrist, in cahoots with the warlocks, gives the Seven Wonders a spin. And in one of the most rewarding moments of the series, as part of the test he retrieves Misty Day from Hell, where she’s been since she failed this same Wonder.

As revelations come to light and final plans are laid, the episode keeps on giving with the return of the White Witch to serenade and heal the witches’ souls with “Gypsy.” Cordelia speaks for us all when she tells Misty, “I knew you for such a short time, and I’ve missed you forever.” But the episode’s best gift comes when Madison is given orders to visit Murder House to learn about Michael.

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