Do The Vampires Use Mind Control?

While “American Horror Story” fans were confident that the glamorous hotelier could enchant just about anyone, not everyone was convinced that her vampiric skillset included mind control. “I always interpreted it as The Countess being viewed as so beautiful that she’s otherworldly and has more of a charismatic/seductive sway over people,” suggested u/TheWonderingPonderer.

Others alluded to the idea that her presence alone was enough to draw people toward her. “I don’t think mind control but I think she’s able to make anyone sexually attracted to her gay or str8, male or female,” said u/zombiedude245. Another user, u/nicogly, pointed to the opening scene of “Hotel,” where The Countess effortlessly summons a couple who winds up becoming her midnight snack.

However, one fan delved into vampire lore to offer a counterpoint. “It seemed pretty specific to The Countess. Then again, vampires being able to put people under their thrall is definitely a big thing in vamp mythology,” said u/MonicaBe. “Perhaps it’s something really old powerful vampires can learn over time? Most of the vampires in Hotel were relatively ‘young’ in comparison.”

While fans may never know for sure, some theories suggest that there’s a connection between “Hotel” and “Double Feature” — which means these vampires could be revisited in a future season à la “Apocalypse.”

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