FreakAngels Release Date, Characters And Plot

According to Crunchyroll, “FreakAngels” already has a premiere date set. With four of Crunchyroll’s seven original series already airing or aired, “FreakAngels” looks to continue that line further once it debuts sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, Crunchyroll did not provide a specific date.

However, this is good news on the whole for those interested in the “FreakAngels” adaptation. The series’ only trailer so far shows some promisingly polished animation and voice acting, meaning that a 2022 release date is certainly not out of the question. A delay at this stage is extremely unlikely.

What is likely, though, is that western fans won’t have to worry about localization. Perhaps this wouldn’t make it a true anime in the eyes of some fans, but as a British-made story, “FreakAngels” will actually be released with English voice acting as the default. This will hardly affect the quality of the story, but it is incredibly unique as far as anime properties go.

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