How Fans Really Feel About The NCIS Episodes Of JAG

In a thread simply titled “JAG,” Reddit user u/lilysommer had some opinions to share about the episodes that started it all. “I just watched the ncis episodes on jag for the first time and would just like to say that I highly recommend watching them if you haven’t,” they wrote. After laying out a few differences they noted, including DiNozzo and Abby’s “flirty relationship” and Gibbs’ more jovial personality, they concluded, “I found it highly entertaining considering the changes to the characters’ personalities they made when ncis started.”

One thing u/lilysommer didn’t love about those older episodes, though, was Vivian Blackadder. They wrote, “the actress playing the female agent is quite bad, thank god the went with Kate instead.” User u/ACCER1 agreed, writing, “I didn’t like Blackadder at all. I was glad she was dropped.”

Another aspect of the BNCIS era that several fans commented on was the change in Abby’s vocal stylings. User u/captainblue posed the question, “Is it just me or is Abby’s voice different in them?” They got a confirmation from u/Dzdawgz, who wrote, “She went from Baritone to Tenor to squeaky.”

It all just goes to show how fascinating the study of history can be.

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