Shows Like Normal People That Drama Fans Need To See

This British series “Scrotal Recall” only got one season on its original network (the UK’s Channel 4), but lucky for its fans, Netflix swept it up and commissioned a second season — fit with a brand new name: “Lovesick.” The series follows Dylan Witter (Johnny Flynn), who, after being diagnosed with chlamydia, sets out to call all of his exes to inform them to get tested. The show takes place both in the present and through flashbacks, as each of Dylan’s past trysts are shown in detail. Despite the series featuring a slew of flings and love interests, the central relationship of the show is really Dylan and his best friend, Evie Douglas (Antonia Thomas), who has secretly been in love with Dylan for years. The two share a flat in Glasgow with their other close friend, Luke (Daniel Ings), who deals with his own love life, while acting as somewhat of a middle man between Dylan and Evie.

The show has garnered a substantial amount of praise for its writing and, specifically, how it’s able to be brutally candid and hopeful at the same time. New Yorker critic Emily Nussbaum wrote, “The title suggests ‘The Hangover’ marinated in home-brew backwash, but ‘Scrotal Recall’ is in fact the most delicate of these shows… Like a folded-paper fortune-teller revealing someone’s fate.” Ben Travers of IndieWire expressed a similar sentiment, writing, “The show trades off regrets, wistfulness, heartache, and tragic circumstances, but always comes back to the idea that love exists, and with it, hope.”

All in all, if you loved the longterm wistfulness and yearning of “Normal People,” but wanted a few more laughs, then “Lovesick” is the perfect ft for you.

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