The Most Overrated And Underrated Actors To Fans

It’s been several years since Angela Bassett and Mare Winningham last appeared on “American Horror Story,” but they remain popular with fans. To date, Bassett appears on Seasons 3 through 6 — the “Coven,” “Freak Show,” “Hotel,” and “Roanoke” seasons, respectively (via IMDb). She also has a cameo on the finale of Season 8, “Apocalypse.” Meanwhile, Winningham is part of “Coven,” “Freak Show,” and “Hotel,” and she shows up on Season 7, “Cult,” per her IMDb profile.

Both actresses are frequently mentioned in a thread from u/gafma on the Reddit page r/AmericanHorrorStory discussing the most underrated and overrated cast members in the “AHS” franchise. On the underrated side, Bassett and Winningham are cited alongside John Carroll Lynch and Alison Pill. “I want to see more of Angela Bassett,” says Redditor u/quakemyoats in a series discussion. “Hell yes, she’s f***ing sublime!” adds u/xphaiea. 

Others feel the same way about Winningham. “She deserves to be a main [sic] cast one of these days. I’d really like to see more of her,” writes u/VeryGreenGreenbeans. “Winningham nails it all four seasons she was in,” u/Fancy-Satisfaction-1 notes in a reply, prompting others in the thread to agree. Commenter u/Augusta-Cornwell adds, “Mare Winningham should come back.”

Many pointed out the characters that Bassett and Winningham played, which still resonate with viewers to this day, as reasons to give these two actors such a big thumbs-up. Those characters include Bassett’s sultry and sadistic New Orleans witch Marie Laveau from the “Coven” season and Winningham’s unnervingly devoted maid Hazel Evers in “Hotel.” Another notable Bassett part is Desiree Dupree, a circus worker on Season 4’s “Freak Show.” Her performance earned her a second Emmy nomination following a nod for her work as Laveau.

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