The Untold Truth Of Sarah Paulson

It’s no secret that “American Horror Story” catapulted Sarah Paulson to star status, but even the actress herself could not have anticipated the devotion of some of the show’s biggest fans. In an interview for TV Guide, she recounted an interaction where a fan asked her to write one of her iconic lines on a piece of paper. Paulson, in a rush, scribbled the line quickly and moved on.

A year later, Paulson said the same fan approached her and pulled up her sleeve to reveal a tattoo of the handwritten quote, a line from Paulson’s Season 2 character, journalist Lana Winters, that read: “I am tough, but I’m no cookie.” It’s a line that underscores the character’s resilience and complexity and succinctly captures what makes her so beloved by fans.

Surprisingly, though, Paulson admitted she has some regrets about the encounter! “I was sort of upset because I’d scrawled it really quickly … and it’s not really completely legible. So I am sort of regretful that I hadn’t written that more clearly.” That’s an understandable sentiment when something you’ve written will be on someone’s body forever.

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