The Worst Male Character According To Criminal Minds Fans

When u/LordCoke-16 posed this question to “Criminal Minds” fans on Reddit, over 1,600 people shared their opinion in the poll. The choices included Reid, Morgan, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin), and David Rossi (Joe Mantegna). Surprisingly, Gideon came out as the top choice with 829 votes, over two times that of the second choice, which was Rossi. So why do so many people hate Gideon? Well, to put it simply, they don’t, but given the choices, he is the least liked from “Criminal Minds” for a variety of reasons.

One of the main reasons cited in the comments for choosing Gideon is because he is only on the show for three seasons before the character dies, while the other people mentioned have many seasons of character development that allows “Criminal Minds” to further explore the characters and make them more multi-dimensional. Many fans made a point to state in the comments that they don’t really see any of the options as bad characters, with u/xXshadow-kunXx answering the question of “worst male character” by saying “None. They’re all good characters,” while u/klurtklorin stated that “i love Gideon but since he wasn’t in the series for very long you didn’t get to know him in the same way as the other characters.” On the other hand, the character who garnered the least amount of votes was Reid, which certainly makes sense given the fans’ obvious love for him over the years. 

Overall, it seems safe to say that fans have a tough time answering this question, but when forced to make a choice, Gideon unfortunately loses. 

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