Weirdest Disney Movie Spin-Off Cartoons You Forgot About

“Lilo And Stitch” got its own animated series in 2003, just a year after the film released in theaters, and on the heels of the direct-to-video sequel, “Stitch: The Sequel.”  It proved to be very popular, running for 65 episodes across four years.  But in 2008, the company made an odd move when Walt Disney Television International Japan, their foreign subsidiary, procured the rights from their parent company to produce an anime series, titled simply “Stitch!”  The series was set in Okinawa, Japan and centered on Stitch and his new human friend Yuna.  The series was well-received, and aired 29 episodes between 2008 and 2015, though only five have ever made it to America.

In 2017, a new series titled “Stitch and Ai” aired in China, and acted as a sequel to the original film, but set in Huangshan, Anhui. The series sees Stitch separated from Lilo after being captured by a group of aliens, and when Stitch escapes, he crash lands in the Huangshan Mountains where a young girl named Wang Ai Ling finds him and takes him in. The series was produced with English voiceovers, and then re-dubbed in Mandarin, with the English version releasing first. The only time it was made available in the US was as a streaming option on ‘DisneyNow’ in 2018, before being removed a year later. 

The reaction to the show was positive, though with reviews praising the animation and storytelling, and unlike “The Lion Guard,” fans were happy to be forgiving of the continuity errors it may have created with the original movie.

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