What A Microvision Video Game Collection Was Really Worth On Pawn Stars

The seller goes in with pretty moderate expectations. He only asks for $100 for the game system as well as 10 games. It certainly wouldn’t break the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s bank to dish out the dough, but Corey wants to know precisely what he has in front of him.

As has happened so many times in the past, the “Pawn Stars” gang calls in an expert to see what exactly they’re dealing with. This results in a lot of good information for Corey, such as the knowledge that even video game collectors aren’t really interested in the Microvision system because it’s simply too difficult to play. While there aren’t very many of them, there just isn’t a real market, so when it comes time to negotiate, Corey throws down $50 for the bundle. 

It seems to be a fair price. When looking at similar consoles on eBay, they tend to sell for roughly $100 … if they even manage to sell at all. Most of the games for the console tend to go for between $10 and $50 apiece. There’s no indication how much Corey managed to get out of it, but if we had to make a guess, we’d surmise Chumlee had plenty of fun playing some of the games during company time.

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